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Electrical Safety Manual / IIPP

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An electrical safety manual for electrical contractors in both commercial and residential industries. The electrical safety manual contains individual safety programs that are required by OSHA and Cal OSHA's IIPP or injury and illness prevention program requirements. In addition to these programs, an industry specific chapter exists and is dedicated to both electrical contractor operations and safety hazards that you designate. The entire document is in Microsoft Word format so you can edit or revise the manual as needed. If you are a California company, this manual also satisfies the IIPP requirement as all of the IIPP components are integrated into the electrical safety manual. If you have questions about the manual please contact us and we will be happy to provide an in depth explanation of the TOC and other parts of the manual.

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Electrical Safety Manual


There are few things more important in the workplace than safety. Electrical work is a particularly dangerous type that results in about 700 deaths every year, according to the CDC. When electrical work is to be done, it’s important for everyone involved to understand the dangers that go with the project. Even low voltages can be deadly if the proper safety procedures are not in place. They should know the best practices needed to avoid an electrical accident for themselves and others.


In addition to the general safety information that companies want to impart to their employees, there are also legal safety requirements that must be in the safety handbook. With both OSHA standards and Cal OSHA’s IIPP requirements, there is a substantial amount of information that every electrical worker must read and understand. Not having that information available is not only dangerous for employees, it can also create legal complications.


The work area should be kept safe and secure, allowing all workers to access their equipment safely. The safe maintenance of a workspace should be covered by an electrical safety manual.


Testing Electrical Systems


Commercial electrical work and residential electrical projects both come with complications that should be detailed in the safety manual. The inspection of wires before the project starts should be covered. Testing may be required to determine the safety of equipment or wiring before work can begin. In certain conditions, testing beyond the standard equipment tests may be necessary to ensure safety. How to ensure that these tests are being conducted is generally covered in an electrical safety manual / IIPP.


Checking Equipment


The maintenance of electrical equipment is an important topic that every employee should understand. The labeling and tagging of equipment is an important part of keeping workers safe. They need to know how to check equipment and tools to make sure they are double insulated or grounded before their use. Wiring that is frayed comes with its own protocol for replacing or repairing the wiring. Specific parts of circuits must be protected from accidental contact, and the enclosures that protect them must meet specific requirements.


Wet Conditions


When the conditions are wet, there are different protocols for many electrical tasks. Special protections of electrical equipment must be enacted, and these should be spelled out in the electrical safety manual.


Emergency Electrical Procedures


Being prepared for accidents is also a vital part of prepping workers for electrical work. There should be information about CPR and what to do in the event of an electrocution. There may also be a need for defibrillator use in case of an emergency. The National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety reports that with the right help, an electrocuted worker can be revived.


Buddy System


Having a buddy system is often recommended for electrical work. This prevents a lone worker from experiencing a dangerous situation without help nearby to shut down the electrical system to prevent further danger and to administer CPR. With training in emergency procedures, every worker will be able to quickly assist in the event of an electrocution.


Creating a Safety Manual


Writing an electrical safety manual / IIPP is daunting task for any business. Taking the general safety standards into account as well as the topics that legally must be covered can take an enormous amount of time and resources.


To save man-hours, many companies choose to buy a pre-written safety manual that covers all of the necessary information about electrical standards and accident prevention. These manuals can be purchased from companies such as  workplacesafetymanuals.com and then downloaded immediately. There is no wait for a manual to be shipped and there is no danger of unknowingly leaving out vital information that employees need to stay safe from electrical accidents.











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